Health & Wellness

Cats require regular health and wellness services to ensure they lead healthy and happy lives.

Health & Wellness in Denver, CO

Denver Cat Hospital in Denver, CO offers a wide range of health and wellness services, including allergies, behavioral counseling, dental care, dermatology, end-of-life care, laboratory & diagnostics, microchipping, nutrition, pain management, parasite prevention, pharmacy, sick cat exams, spay & neuter, surgery, urgent care, vaccines, and wellness exams.

Pet Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral Counseling

Dental Care

Pet Dermatology


Pet End of Life Care

End-of-Life Care

 veterinarians make x-ray sick cat on a table in a veterinary clinic

Laboratory & Diagnostics

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pouring pet food into a bowl


woman touching cat's cheek

Pain Management

closeup of a hand petting an adorable gray striped cat

Parasite Prevention



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Sick Cat Exams

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Spay & Neuter


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Urgent Care


Wellness Exams

Senior Pet Wellness